Board and standards committee

The Foundation for Quality and Innovation Foundation is a non-profit organisation. The standards lists are on this site and are available free of charge

NIS2 Quality Mark Compliance and Certification Scheme

We strive to improve cybersecurity for all companies and organizations in Europe. We do this by making a widely supported standard accessible, with achievable measures within the reach of organizations, and by broadening the support and feasibility for all companies in Europe. We see that the vast majority of companies currently complying with cybersecurity standards are mainly larger and more complex organizations. However, this law also applies to smaller IT companies and other critical supply chain providers. It is essential for the security of Europe to make complex topics like cybersecurity accessible to everyone because we want to make all organizations across Europe safe, including smaller organizations. This is a compliance and certification scheme based on the legislation in force in Europe.

Board Quality Innovation Foundation

Michel Dutrée (voorzitter)

Chairman Betonhuis, Voorzitter Revalidatie NL and
member of the general management boardVNO-NCW

Brecht Grieten Directeur KVGO

Director KVGO

Rick van der Gaag
Projectmanager Ondernemerschap bij Schoonmakend Nederland
Remco van der Linden

Director of Technology at Techniek Nederland

NIS2 standards committee

Rick van der Gaag
Schoonmakend Nederland
Brecht Grieten
Kees Hoogendijk
Gerwin Otten en Rob de Goede
Boudewijn de Ridder
Dennis Mollet
Bouwend Nederland
Peter Zwakhals
Techniek Nederland
Mark van Rosmalen
Peter Noordhoek (secretaris)
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