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Intellectual Property

The content of this website, including text, photographs, and other materials, is property of NIS2 Quality Mark and is protected by intellectual property rights. The use of information from the website is permitted for personal, non-commercial use, provided it is not copied, distributed, or otherwise misused. For reuse of content, other than as permitted by mandatory law, prior written consent of NIS2 Quality Mark is required.


Note: The NIS2 Quality Mark, offered by NIS2 Quality Mark, is intended as a tool for NIS2 companies and their suppliers to comply with NIS2- legislation. This label provides guidelines on the measures to be taken, based on the legal obligation to secure the supply chain. However, it is important to emphasise that the presence of the NIS2 Quality Mark does not constitute full compliance with the legislation guarantees and therefore no rights can be attached to the label

Exclusion of Liability

NIS2 Quality Mark strives to provide up-to-date and accurate information on its website. However, we offer this information and products without any form of guarantee or claim of accuracy. We reserve the right to change, remove, or repost content without notice. NIS2 Quality Mark accepts no liability for information on external websites referred to via hyperlinks.


This disclaimer is subject to change. The most recent version of the disclaimer can be found at found on the website Users are advised to read the disclaimer regularly to keep abreast of any changes.

Users of the NIS2 Quality Mark and visitors to the NIS2 Quality Mark website should be aware of and respect these terms and conditions.

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